When Luna Fox first discovered time travel, she quickly realised something was awry. As she delved further it began to become apparent: some objects bear down upon the weave of time, distorting it with the weight of their power.


These artefacts are mysterious, exciting – possibly even dangerous. Some you may remember from folklore or myth: rest assured, many are fictional – but others are most certainly real. Luna and her assistant, Babbage, need your help to secure these objects – to safeguard them from nefarious forces.



BORN: 1880   |   FAVOURITE YEAR: 1833


Time Travel Pioneer

Luna Fox is a born inventor: curious, confident and outgoing. Her mother was a brilliant scientist, compelled by the constraints of Victorian society to abandon her practice. As a result, she focused her energies on her young daughter, schooling her in the fundamentals of physics and engineering, determined to give her the best education possible.


Thanks to this unconventional upbringing, Luna thirsts for knowledge and adventure: she loves nothing more than the thrill of discovery. An unexpected laboratory incident led her to an astonishing finding: the secret of time travel. Now, Luna roams history, on the search for the unexplained and the fascinating, determined to uncover all of time’s secrets.



BORN: 1894   |   FAVOURITE YEAR: AD 69


Time Travel Assistant

Babbage started out as an incidental project – a way of Luna testing her burgeoning engineering abilities. However, as Luna’s skill grew, so did Babbage, by fits and starts. Now he is a fully sentient, artificial intelligence – albeit a rather eccentric one.

Babbage acts as Luna’s assistant, guiding budding time-travellers through history. However, Babbage is by no means perfect: The nuances of human interaction remain a mystery to him, despite his best efforts.


Nonetheless, Babbage is eminently friendly: he is unrelentingly positive, even in the face of mortal danger. Whatever you encounter – and no matter how perilous the situation – Babbage will be there to help, brimming with knowledge and enthusiasm.