We want to give you and your teams an experience that ripples through the oceans of space and time longer than your average team day out. Time Run is the UK’s most immersive, Escape the Room game, with production values that are unchallenged, worldwide. The games and experience are second to none: you could mix up departments, mobilise the satellite staff as part of a bigger day out, or just pick teams based on gut feel as to who is going to shine!


We’re here until the end of December 2017, so don’t miss out - as a last hurrah we’ve decided to help you choose Time Run as the next Company team adventure with discounts for groups looking to get their Indiana Jones on in the mid-week!











Groups of 10-12 players – 15% Discount

Off Peak - £27.50 pp // now £24 pp

Peak - £35 pp // now £30 pp


Groups of 13-18 players – 20% discount

Off Peak – £27.50 pp // now £23 pp

Peak - £35 pp // now £29 pp


Groups of 19 – 24 players – 25% discount

Off Peak - £27.50 pp // now £22 pp

Peak - £35 pp // now £28 pp


Groups of +25 players – 30% discount

Off Peak - £27.50 pp // now  £21 pp

Peak - £35 pp // now £27 pp



(all pricing excludes VAT @ 20% // Tuesdays – Fridays only)



Email - with the following info:


Number of Players: How many players are you booking for? (Approx will help)

Date: Do you have a specific date in mind? Yes (let us know) No (Any pref. on day of the week?)

Time: Any Specific START or END times required? (If both, great, but at least one is needed)

Food/Drink: Are you looking for options near Time Run? (We’ve got some great recommendations)

Telephone Number: Let us know how best to contact you? (It’ll help in the long run)

Anything Else important: Anything else you can add that would be useful to know, will get you the quickest and most accurate response! – 07899 791 620









“Our groups loved it and happily recommending to colleagues. Even those who had ‘experienced’ other rooms thought this one was the best! Storytelling and setup, each room ‘feels’ authentic and the use of technology and pace to provide hints were superb.”


Salvador – Strategy & Operations - Google

“We did time run as part of our team away day and it was one of the most enjoyable things I've done! Great fun for all and would highly recommend it.”




Eleni Bateman – HR Manager –  The Dune Group

“A great experience, thank you! Great team builder, excellent quality of sets and props, we were all really impressed. We would all do this again and have recommended it to people. It would be great if there were more puzzles, tasks to do, as I say we would all return!


Sheela – UK Marketing Mgr – Toms UK

I want to say a massive thanks for Frida for Friday. I’ll admit it now I was terrified that we’d turn up to an empty location!! I’ve had such fantastic feedback from everyone, special mention for ‘Aubrey’! Do keep me posted when the game changes!”


Sam – PA to Peter Breen, CFO – Warner Music 

“Everything went brilliantly yesterday. I’ve had such great feedback from all the team I terms of puzzles, rooms, atmosphere, your team and how it was the best team bonding event they’ve ever been to!

Javeria – Financial Controller – Southbank Centre