This is your last chance to play either of our critically acclaimed, live escape games: The Lance of Longinus & The Celestial Chain. There is a limited amount of time left - the portal can only stay open for so long. Get booking, so you don't miss out! 




Over the last two years, we have been leading the Escape Game charge: our immersive worlds have taken around 50,000 players on a fast-paced adventures through time and space. Intrepid Time Runners, like yourselves, have been tasked with solving puzzles, challenges and mysteries against the clock on missions to save humanity from Ancient goddesses and to obtain powerful, mythical artefacts.


Sadly, when our lease runs out at our current venue, the portal will be powering down - for now.  But, have no fear - we're not gone forever. We will be back later this year, at an all-new venue with an amazing new game.


We thank you for all your support and encouragement - we look forward to seeing you soon, friends. Until then... 


The Time Run Team